Android Nougat 7.0 + Issues Reported

We are aware of users reporting issues with getting their Kinsa Smart Stick thermometers to properly connect during setup or after upgrading their phones to Android 7.0 or 7.1.1 (aka Nougat).  

As a result of these reported issues, the Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Active phones are no longer compatible with the Kinsa Smart Stick when running Android  7.0 (aka Nougat) and above.

With that said, we have a workaround that may work for these phones, which users are welcome to try.  See below:  

For issues during initial setup

  • Follow the setup instructions in the setup video
  • When asked to plug the thermometer in by itself, plug the thermometer into the white extension cord and then plug that into your phone.  We realize our video advises not to do that, but in this case it can solve the problem.
  • Note:  If the above doesn't work, raise the Media volume to its maximum volume and try again.  You may have to unplug/replug the extension cord several times before it’s recognized.

For issues after initial setup

  1. Launch the Kinsa app
  2. Connect the white extension cord to the phone
  3. Note the “Ready to take temperature” message at the bottom
  4. Plug the Kinsa Smart Stick into the white extension cord
  5. Select the method for taking your temp (oral, underarm, etc.)

You should now be able to take a temperature successfully.

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