Why does the Kinsa app ask for multiple permissions?

When you install the Kinsa app on your smartphone, you will be asked to grant permissions to the Kinsa app in order to use some features. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and so in the interests of full transparency, here are the full reasons explaining why we ask for access to each of those features.


  • Identity

We ask for this permission so that we can get the make and model of your smartphone to see if it is compatible with our smart thermometers, specifically the Kinsa Smart Stick. Without this information, we would not be able to know whether you were using a compatible smartphone with your Smart Stick, which could produce inaccurate temperature readings.


  • Location 

We ask for this permission because of the "Groups" feature within the Kinsa app. "Groups" allows parents to opt-in (note: this does not happen automatically, you have to specifically turn this feature on to use it) to anonymously communicate with other families who attend the same school. This allows other parents to see if there are fevers or other illnesses going around their school so they can make informed decisions about their child’s health. This feature relies on location data in order to offer a list of nearby school groups to join.


  • Photos / Media / Files

We ask for this permission because alongside storing temperatures inside the Kinsa app, you can also log other kinds of medical data, including notations of medications taken and photos of rashes or spots. Without this permission, you would not have the ability nor option to add photos of rashes, spots, and other symptoms to your medical history within the Kinsa app.


  • Microphone

This is a very important permission to ask for. Our Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer connects to your smartphone using the microphone and headphone jack. The Kinsa app then converts the audio signals coming from the thermometer into a temperature reading displayed in the Kinsa app. This is the core technology behind how the Kinsa Smart Stick works and therefore is necessary to grant in order to work.  


  • Bluetooth Connection Information

This is also a very important permission. We make two types of smart Bluetooth thermometers: the Kinsa Smart Ear and the Kinsa QuickCare. Each connects to your phone through a wireless Bluetooth connection. Without this permission, neither the Smart Ear nor QuickCare would be able to synchronize temperature readings with the Kinsa app.


While not all of these permissions are necessary to simply take a temperature, they are all necessary if you were to use all the features of the Kinsa app.

As we mentioned earlier, we take your privacy extremely seriously. We do not share your personal medical information with anyone. For more information about how seriously we take your privacy, please check out our Privacy Policy.

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