How to get replacement parts for your Kinsa Smart Stick

Life happens. Whether it’s moving into your new house or into the next room, sometimes things go missing at the worst possible time. We totally understand and we won’t let that get in the way of using your Kinsa thermometer.

Often times, customers contact us when they can’t find their black Setup Adapter when they need to recalibrate their Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer after upgrading to a new phone or to a new operating system version. If this sounds like you, the good news is that it’s probably in the case for your Smart Stick thermometer.

When you first set up your Smart Stick, a short video walks you through the initial setup process. In that video, we recommend storing the black Setup Adapter in the compartment in the underside of the case of the Smart Stick. If you haven't already, please check that compartment to see if you put it back there after your initial setup.

But if your black Setup Adapter really has gone missing, we have some bad news. After five years on the market, the Smart Stick has been discontinued and we don't have any Setup Adapters left in stock to sell separately. At this point, we'd recommend upgrading to our new Kinsa QuickCare which is wireless and doesn't use any adapters at all. 

If you’ve misplaced a different part, other than the black Setup Adapter, please let us know at Our Customer Happiness team will be more than happy to help you replace whichever parts you need.

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