What do the symbols on the QuickCare's display mean?

There are a few events that can happen during use that’ll trigger certain codes to display on the screen.  Here are the codes and their meanings:

UPd - Firmware update in progress.  Wait 30 seconds until it completes before taking another temperature.

APP - This displays when further guidance is communicated within the Kinsa app.  Examples of guidance are:

  1. On initial setup, pair the app with thermometer
  2. Battery is critically low
  3. Fever guidance available
  4. Queued readings; sync to app ASAP to store them

Err - Problem detected, check the app for details.  Common causes are:

  1. Taking the thermometer out of the mouth/armpit/rectum before the reading completes
  2. Placing the thermometer before turning it on (if this is done, the probe tip is too warm to begin a reading)

H - Temperature is above normal human range.  To correct this:

  1. Hold still when taking a temperature
  2. Don’t eat or drink for at least 10 minutes before taking a temperature
  3. Don’t take a temperature while in the bath, sauna or other heated environment
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