How can I return my order for a refund?

Amazon Customers: If you purchased your Kinsa smart thermometer from Amazon, their return policy is a bit different. Click here for Amazon's return policy.

Kinsa can only accept thermometer returns purchased through our website or through a brick and mortar retailer (ex. Walmart, Target, CVS etc.) for a replacement or refund if a product is defective.

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with your Kinsa thermometer, follow this quick guide.

Before issuing a refund or replacement, we’ll ask you to try a brief set of troubleshooting steps, like those in the quick guide above, that tend to solve 99% of technical issues. If those troubleshooting steps do not work, we’ll issue a refund or replacement thermometer. We'll also email you a free shipping label so you can wrap your broken thermometer up in some tissue paper and newspaper, stick the shipping label on it and drop it in a mailbox nearby to return it. This enables us to investigate the issue further so we can continue to improve our products.

Unfortunately we cannot, under any circumstances, issue replacements or refunds for buyer’s remorse, or because the product was not what you expected.

Thank you for your understanding! Kinsa is a small company trying to do a large amount of good in the world. Having customers that understand and respect our resource limitations helps us achieve this.