Do Kinsa thermometers show Celsius and Fahrenheit?

It sure can! This can be set within the Kinsa app for Smart Stick and Smart Ear readings. You can also set this manually for the Ear display.

To change the units displayed in the Kinsa app:

  1. Launch the Kinsa app
  2. For iOS, tap on More > Settings. For Android, tap on Menu > Settings.
  3. Select Fahrenheit or Celsius for the Kinsa app's temperature scale. All temperature readings (prior and future) will automatically convert to your new setting.

To change the units displayed on the Smart Ear:

  1. From the back of the thermometer, push down on the bottom half and slide it down.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. There is a small switch underneath labeled C and F. Flip to your desired units.
  4. Replace the batteries, and take temperatures normally.

Note that units displayed on the Smart Ear for each reading will match your manual setting, but units displayed in the app will match what you selected in the app Settings. (e.g. ºF may display on the Ear while ºC displays in the app)

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