Troubleshooting: Connecting your Smart Ear and iPhone

Is your Smart Ear not sending readings to your iPhone properly? Don’t worry! These simple steps will get your Smart Ear back on track.

IMPORTANT:  If you're installing Kinsa on a new phone and still have access to your old phone, follow this article first. 


1. Get the latest Kinsa app.

-  On your iPhone, visit to check if you have the latest version.

-  If you see an UPDATE button, tap it, and wait for the update to complete.

-  If you see an OPEN button, you already have the latest version. 


2. Restart your iPhone.  

Note: This is different from turning your iPhone's display off and on. Learn more


3.  Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone. 

-  For extra help, follow this guide from Apple.


4.  Remove your Smart Ear from the Kinsa app.

-  Open the Kinsa app

-  Click More in the bottom right

-  Tap Smart Ear at the top

-  Tap Forget Thermometer


5. Force Quit the Kinsa app. 

For extra help, follow this guide from Apple.


6.  Reset your Smart Ear to factory settings.

-  Hold down the small white Bluetooth button on the left side of your Smart Ear thermometer

-  Hold down the large round button located above the LCD screen. 

-  Keep holding both buttons for about 10 seconds until the Bluetooth icon  is flashing.


7.  Turn off Airplane Mode on your iPhone.


8.  Remove your Smart Ear from your iPhone.

-  Open the Settings app, then tap "Bluetooth".

-  If your Bluetooth is off, tap the switch to turn it back on.

-  Under My Devices, look for a name starting with KS_ or AViTA and tap its  button. 

-  Tap Forget This Device, then tap Forget Device.


9. Connect your Smart Ear with your iPhone.

-  Open the Kinsa app, and tap More in the bottom right.

-  Tap Add New.

-  If your Smart Ear is off, press the round button to turn it on.

-  In the Kinsa app, tap the right Set Up Now button for your Kinsa thermometer.

-  On the Kinsa Thermometer Found alert, tap Connect.

-  On the Temperature Sync screen, tap the green Enable Location Services button.

-  At the next Bluetooth Pairing Request alert, tap Pair.


That’s it! Your Smart Ear should now send readings to your iPhone without any problems.

But if a problem persists, let us know at and we’ll sort it out for you! 

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