Fixing the connection between your Smart Ear and iPhone

Is your Smart Ear not properly sending readings to your iPhone? Don’t worry! 

The Kinsa Smart Ear can get confused if attempts are made to pair it with more than one phone, or if there’s a Bluetooth glitch on the phone itself. These steps will get your Smart Ear back on track.



If you're upgrading from the old Kinsa Smart Stick app to the new Kinsa app, or setting up your Smart Ear with a new iPhone but you still have your old iPhone, follow this guide first.


1. Update to the latest version of the Kinsa app, not the Smart Stick app which is being phased out.


2. Make sure the Kinsa app has been given access to your iPhone's Bluetooth settings:

•  Open your iPhone's Settings app

•  Wait a few seconds, then scroll down to find Kinsa and tap it

•  On the next screen, make sure Bluetooth is switched on.


3. Restart your iPhone  (This is different from turning your iPhone's display off and on. Learn more)


4. Turn on Airplane Mode. Learn more


5. Remove your Smart Ear from the Kinsa app

•  Open the Kinsa app

•  Tap the  ⚙︎ Settings gear button in the top right corner

•  Under Thermometers, tap Smart Ear

•  Tap Forget Thermometer


 6. Force close the Kinsa app. Learn more


 7. Reset your Smart Ear.

At the same time, hold down the large round button and the smaller side button until you hear two beeps several seconds apart. You’ll see a flashing Bluetooth symbol on the Smart Ear’s display when the reset is complete.


8. Turn off Airplane Mode. Learn more


9. Remove your Smart Ear from your iPhone.

•  Open your iPhone's Settings app, then select Bluetooth.

•  Turn the Bluetooth switch on (if it isn’t already).

•  On this same screen under My Devices, look for a name starting with KS_ or AViTA and tap the button next to it. 

•  Tap Forget This Device, then tap Forget Device.


 10. Connect your Smart Ear with your iPhone.

•  Open the Kinsa app

•  Tap the  ⚙︎ Settings gear button in the top right corner

•  Under Thermometers, tap Add New Thermometer

•  Follow the on-screen instructions. For best results, choose these options:

◦  Tap Enable Location Services

◦  Then tap Allow to give Kinsa access to location information so the Kinsa app can detect when the thermometer is nearby.

◦  Note: We take your privacy very, very seriously. You do not have to share your location information with Kinsa if you don’t want to, however, the connection between your QuickCare and iPhone may not work as well and you will not be contributing anonymously to our illness signal. Learn more.

◦  Select Turn on Notifications

◦  Choose Allow so the Kinsa app can send you notifications when it receives temperature readings from your Kinsa thermometer


•  If your Smart Ear has turned off, press the round button to turn it back on

•  On the Kinsa Thermometer Found alert, tap Connect

•  On the Bluetooth Pairing Request alert, tap Pair

You’re all set! Your Smart Ear should now send readings to your iPhone without any issues.

If there’s still an issue, let us know you’ve tried these steps at and we’ll sort it out for you ASAP.

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