Take Accurate Readings With Your QuickCare


The wireless Kinsa QuickCare (and the discontinued wired Smart Stick) can take great oral, underarm and rectal measurements when used properly with the right technique.

The most common reason for problem readings stem from how they’re taken, so follow these steps to get great readings every time:


Pro Tips for All Types of Readings

  • Don’t take any readings after eating, drinking or exercising.

  • For the QuickCare wireless stick thermometer, always wait for three flashing lines on the display BEFORE putting the tip in your mouth, armpit, etc. Wait for these three flashing lines before every reading.
  • Before using, please avoid holding the thermometer from the tip as your body temperature from your hand can cause an error. 
  • Lastly, be sure to store your thermometer in a cool dry spot away from heat and moisture. If you or your Kinsa were somewhere with a different temperature (like outside on a cold day) wait until you and your Kinsa are used to the new temperature before taking a reading.


For Oral Readings

For oral readings, always put the tip in your mouth’s heat pocket; under the tongue at the back of the mouth.

The temperature in one spot of the mouth can be very different from another so always put the tip in the same heat pocket for every reading.



For Underarm Readings

Make sure there are no clothes in the way, and that there has been no exercise or bathing in the 15 minutes before the reading is taken. Underarm readings are around 1°F lower than oral readings. This is perfectly normal.

The Kinsa app automatically takes underarm readings into account when calculating the severity of the fever, but it does not artificially add that 1°F to the temperature reading.

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For Rectal Readings

A rectal reading is the best way to measure your baby's temperature. To keep your baby as comfortable as possible while getting a great reading, follow this dedicated guide:

How to take your baby's rectal temperature