How accurate are Kinsa thermometers?

At Kinsa, we take accuracy very seriously. After all, what good is taking a temperature if that measurement is unreliable? 

Kinsa thermometers are designed to be the most accurate around normal body temperatures. For the accuracy details for each of our thermometers, see the tables below:

Current thermometers

Thermometer Accuracy Range
Kinsa QuickCare ±0.2°F 89.6°F - 109.2°F
±0.1°C 32°C - 42.8°C
Kinsa Smart Ear ±0.4°F 95°F - 107.6°F
±0.2°C 35°C - 42°C


Discontinued thermometers


Accuracy Range

Kinsa Smart Stick

±0.2°F 95°F - 107.6°F
±0.1°C 35°C - 42°C


Note: Each person’s temperature can fluctuate significantly depending upon the placement of the thermometer and the time of day. Consult your doctor or pediatrician for advice about how to calculate a normal, baseline temperature while you’re well. You can use that to evaluate whether temperatures you see when you don’t feel well are different than the norm.

To ensure an accurate reading with any of our thermometers, we recommend you avoid eating or drinking any liquids, exercising, taking showers or baths, or smoking for 15 minutes prior to use, as these can cause mild elevations in temperature.

To get great readings from your Kinsa, use our super helpful articles and videos for the QuickCare and Smart Ear.

For more information about maintaining the accuracy of the Kinsa Smart Ear thermometer, see How to maintain the accuracy of your Smart Ear.

All Kinsa thermometers have been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and meet ASTM standards for professional accuracy. For details about accuracy standards, please see the instructions that came with your Kinsa thermometer, which are also available here in PDF format.

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