Can Smart Ear be connected with more than one phone?

Sadly, no. Connecting your Kinsa Smart Ear with more than one phone at a time is not supported.

If you want to connect your Smart Ear with a new phone and you still have your old phone handy, turn off the Bluetooth on your old phone first. Then reset your Smart Ear by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the smaller button on the side of your Smart Ear
  2. Next press and hold the large round button on the front of your Smart Ear
  3. Keep holding both buttons down for 5-7 seconds until the screen resets. When you hear two beeps several seconds apart, the reset is complete. 

Now you’re ready to connect with your new phone! Be sure to turn on Bluetooth on your new phone.

But if your Smart Ear is still having trouble with sending readings to your phone, follow the right guide for your phone below:

How to fix the connection between Smart Ear and iPhone

How to fix the connection between Smart Ear and Android