How can I sync my Kinsa app with the iOS Health App?


Apple’s Health app:




…is a nifty way to track fitness and health data in one simple dashboard.  If you’d like to include your Kinsa temperature readings in the iOS Health app:

  1. Access the App Store and update your Kinsa app (unless you just installed it).
  2. Open the Kinsa app.
  3. Navigate to More > “Sync with Health App”.
  4. On the “Select a Profile” window that opens, select the profile you wish to sync data from.  Note only one profile can sync to Health App at a time.
  5. Tap “Done."

NOTE: Past readings will not be synced. Only new readings will show in the Health App going forward.

To see the synced data, open the Health App, select the Dashboard tab and scroll down.

You can also select the Health Data tab, scroll down, select Vitals, and select Body Temperature.

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