How to add temperature readings manually (Android)

If you would like to add temperatures to the Kinsa app (e.g. you have one device that is failing and would like to move the temperatures to a new device), since we don’t currently have an export process you can follow the steps below to add new temperature readings manually.

  1. With the Kinsa app open, tap on the profiles tab.
  2. Select the profile you want to add readings to (or create a new one).
  3. Tap the green new entry (+) button in the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Tap “Temperature” and then enter the temperature you wish to log.
  5. If you want to log a temperature taking method other than oral, tap "Oral Reading" and select the method you want for this manual entry.
  6. When done, tap "SAVE" in the top right of the screen.

Note: The manually added temperatures will be recorded with the current date and time. At the moment, there is no way to edit the date and time of profile entries, including temperature readings.

Once we have a solution for exporting app data, we will update How can I export my Kinsa app temperature readings?

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