What are the Kinsa Stick Specifications?

The following are the specifications for the Kinsa Stick thermometer.





0.1°F (0.1°C)


± 0.2°F (0.1°C): 95.0°F - 107.6°F (35.0°C - 42.0°C)

Measurement Time

Regular mode: < 10 seconds

Memory Function

Full temperature history available on mobile device

Out-of-Range Indication

Displays “Out of range” when the measurement is lower than 89.6°F (32.0°C) and higher than 109.3°F (42.9°C)

Operating Ambient Temperature

59°F - 104°F (15°C - 40°C), 10% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-13°F to + 140°F (-25°C to +60°C), 15% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

Guarantee of Quality

Complies with ASTM E-1112, EN 12470-3, IEC 60601-1, EC 60601-1-2, ISO 80601-2-56


For use with Apple and Android devices. Please visit kinsahealth.com/devices for the full list of supported devices.


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