Android - Setup Error 108


The error 108 message generally has a quick and easy fix, so don't worry!  All you need to do is center the audio balance in your Settings menu to fix it.  To do so, please see below, and note that most Androids will look something like this, but with slightly different names and locations.

  1. Open your Android Settings.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility > Hearing.
  3. If turned on, switch “Turn off all sounds” to off.
  4. If turned on, switch “Mono audio” to off.
  5. Access the Sound Balance section (you might need to tap “Left and right sound balance”).            Nexus 6 users: Because you DO NOT have a sound balance section, if you have installed an app that allowed you to change the audio balance, open that app to center the audio.
  6. Move the audio balance slider to the far left and release it.
  7. Move the slider back to center. It should snap into place once you're close enough. Make sure the slider is completely centered. If it is even slightly off like the first image below you’ll need to try again. The second image is centered.
  8. Tap SET (if displayed).

NOTE: In order for Kinsa to work every time you take a temperature reading:

  • “Mono Audio” and “Turn off all sounds” need to be off
  • Audio balance needs to be centered
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