Does Voiceover work with the Kinsa Smart Stick?

Voiceover for iOS and TalkBack for Android are accessible screen reading features for smartphones.  These features read the contents of the phone screen out loud, including the buttons and labels in the Kinsa app. However, these features only work through the phone’s loudspeaker or, when the phone detects that headphones are plugged in, through verbal cues played through the headphones.

This causes a problem because the Kinsa Smart Stick uses the headphone jack, but is obviously not a pair of headphones.  Therefore Kinsa Smart Stick users are not able to use Voiceover or Talkback when taking temperatures, however these features do work with our Kinsa QuickCare and Smart Ear thermometers.

We hope to resolve this issue with Kinsa Smart Stick thermometers as we continue to work on supporting Voiceover and TalkBack, for it is very important to our customers. To stay informed on this update, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of

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