Smart Stick not compatible with some Android phones

Recent Android updates (Android 7 and later) have fundamentally changed how the hardware in some phones detect and handle signals coming through the headphone jack. In short, they block the signals from the Smart Stick from reaching the Kinsa app. Our engineering team has spent a long time trying to address this problem, but because this change came from the underlying Android system, we cannot fix it through the Kinsa app. 

This is why, many years after we first introduced the Smart Stick, we have now phased it out and we're replacing it with our brand new wireless smart thermometer, the Kinsa QuickCare

The Smart Stick is still compatible with many phones and it will take some for all the Smart Stick thermometers to be sold off completely. In the coming months, the new QuickCare will replace the Smart Stick in stores and online.

If you recently bought your Smart Stick and it's incompatible with your phone, we recommend returning it for a refund and getting the QuickCare instead.

The brand new Kinsa QuickCare is compatible with all Android phones that can run the Kinsa app and will be for the foreseeable future. This is because the QuickCare works on its own and uses wireless Bluetooth technology which means it doesn't rely on a wired connection to any particular phone like the Smart Stick did.

If the Smart Stick is not compatible with your phone and you're interested in upgrading to the new wireless Kinsa QuickCare, please contact our Customer Happiness Team so we can offer the best solution for you:

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