Managing your data with Kinsa

We take your privacy incredibly seriously and we will never share or sell your personal information or information which could be used to identify you or target ads at you specifically. Period.

In our mission to respect your privacy, you control which data the Kinsa app can access, including your location.

If you want to stop sharing your location data with Kinsa, follow these steps: 

 For iPhones

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. On the list, find Kinsa and tap on it.
  5. Tap Never

 For Android phones

Each Android phone manufacturer uses different menus. We've tried our best to provide instructions which will work with most phones, but you may need to find instructions for your particular phone.

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Find Apps or Applications and tap it
  3. If you don't see a list of all your apps, tap Application Manager or App Info
  4. Find Kinsa and tap it
  5. Tap Permissions
  6. Turn off the Location switch

Please note, many Android phones require location permission to connect with any and all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, which includes the Kinsa QuickCare smart thermometer. This requirement isn't coming from the Kinsa app, but from the underlying Android operating system. 

For Android's reasons as to why they specifically require location data to connect with BLE devices, please read this page from Android's official documentation, specifically the first paragraph with the blue star:

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