How to fix the connection between your QuickCare and iPhone

It's very unusual for the QuickCare to have issues with connecting to your iPhone, but if your QuickCare runs into difficulty, following these steps will fix the problem for you right away:

  1. Turn off QuickCare by holding down the button (if it's already on)
  2. Force Close your Kinsa app (Not sure how? Follow this guide from Apple)
  3. Turn Airplane mode on
  4. Turn Airplane mode off
  5. Make sure your iPhone's Bluetooth is turned on
  6. Open the Kinsa app
  7. Tap "More" in the bottom right corner, then "Add a New Thermometer"
  8. Tap QuickCare
  9. Turn on your QuickCare thermometer by pushing its button

You should then see your QuickCare connect with your iPhone. If your QuickCare still isn't connecting after following these steps, please let us know right away at

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