QuickCare: How can I use the QuickCare without the app?

To set up your Kinsa thermometer without using the app right out of the box, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the 98.6ºF sticker from the thermometer's display.
  2. Find the thermometer's button and click it once to turn it on.
  3. Wait for APP to appear on the display
  4. With "APP" showing on the display, VERY QUICKLY double-click the same button. (Think the same speed as double-clicking a mouse)

When the double-click is successful, you'll hear a short high-pitched beep and the screen will change from "APP" to three lines "- - - ". This means the thermometer is now ready to take a reading. The thermometer can now be used like any other digital thermometer from here on, and you will not need to double-click the button again in the future.

But if the double-click is not successful, you'll hear a long low-pitched beep and all the parts of the display will light up (including all three faces at the top) before it goes back to "APP". This means the button was not double-clicked strongly enough, quickly enough, or both.

    • If you run into trouble here, we suggest using the end of your fingernail to more firmly double-click the button. Alternatively, you can also turn the thermometer's button upside-down against a flat surface like a table-top, and double-push the thermometer against the table to let the table do the work for you.

The APP message will still appear from time to time, but it won't get in the way of taking readings. To remove the APP message permanently, you will need to connect your Kinsa thermometer with the Kinsa app.

Kinsa smart thermometers are designed and built from the ground up to be used with the free Kinsa app. The Kinsa app powers up an otherwise regular digital thermometer with smart features daily temperature tracking, and anonymously contributing to our Healthweather map, available to everyone for free as a public service at healthweather.us

The Kinsa app is completely free to use (there are no ads, in-app purchases, or any other paid plans or features) and is available for both iPhone and Android at this website: getKinsa.app