Can QuickCare take readings without the app?

Technically yes, but it wasn’t meant to be used this way.

The Kinsa QuickCare was specifically designed to be used in tandem with the free Kinsa app. This enables smart features like automatic temperature tracking, fever and treatment guidance, medication reminders and more.

When powered on for the first time, the QuickCare will show APP on the display, prompting you to connect it with the Kinsa app before taking readings. Connecting your QuickCare with the app removes this APP message permanently.

But in a pinch, you can use the QuickCare to take readings on its own - without downloading or using the Kinsa app at all.

To remove the APP message without connecting to the app, turn on your QuickCare, wait for APP to show on the display, then quickly double press the button. For a demonstration, watch

The display will change to three flashing lines, showing it’s ready to take a temperature reading. The APP message will still appear temporarily from time to time, but it won't get in the way of taking new readings.

Even if you weren't planning on using the Kinsa app, we suggest trying it out for yourself. You might be surprised! The app is completely free and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

To download the Kinsa app, open the link for your device below:

Kinsa app for iPhone 

Kinsa app for Android

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