QuickCare: How to reset your thermometer

If your QuickCare is struggling to connect with your phone or has an error message that won't go away, resetting your QuickCare back to its factory settings is a great way to fix these problems.

Here's how to reset your QuickCare:

  1. Using the edge of a coin, twist the back of your QuickCare thermometer counterclockwise until the back pops off.
  2. Tip your QuickCare over and the battery will fall out. 
  3. Check the battery compartment to make sure there isn't anything which would get in the way of the battery making a good connection, such as dirt or pocket lint.
  4. Put the battery back inside your QuickCare, with the more reflective side with text facing up towards the back of the QuickCare.
  5. Put the back of your QuickCare back in place, and using the edge of a coin again, twist it clockwise to close up your QuickCare again.
  6. You're done! Your QuickCare has now been reset to its factory settings.

Note: You will need to setup your QuickCare with your phone again to make sure your readings are properly recorded in the Kinsa app.