How to change your Smart Ear from °C to °F

The Kinsa Smart Ear can display temperatures in both Fahrenheit (°F) for Americans 🇺🇸and Celsius (°C) for the rest of the world.

Note: Kinsa thermometers and the Kinsa app handle their temperature scales separately. If you change the scale in your Kinsa app, it won't change on your Kinsa thermometer's built-in display.

If your Smart Ear is using the wrong temperature scale for you, here's how to fix that:

  1. Turn over your Smart Ear and slide the battery cover down to open the compartment.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Behind the batteries, you'll see a black and silver switch.  
    • For Fahrenheit (°F) push the switch down away from the Smart Ear's sensor.
    • For Celsius (°C) push the switch up towards the Smart Ear's sensor.
  4. Replace the batteries and battery cover.
  5. Turn on your Smart Ear and you'll see the new temperature scale on the display.
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