How to enroll your school (FLUency 2019)

UPDATE  -  November 1st 2019

The order window for free Kinsa thermometers has closed. 

Good news. You should still join your school's group in the Kinsa app to keep up on school health and help keep your kids healthy.

Bad news.  We're so sorry, but for purely logistical reasons, we cannot extend the deadline a second time. Please do not contact us to request an extension or exception.

Click here to buy the same thermometer on sale on It'll still work with the program.











Unfortunately, we've already kicked off our program for this year and for purely logistical reasons, we can't accept new schools into the program at this time.

However, if you'd like to learn more about the FLUency program and get a jump on applying to next year's program, check out our website and fill out the form at the bottom to apply on your school's behalf.

We'll follow up with your school for you:

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