How to get a free Kinsa thermometer through your school

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🚨 UPDATED December 2nd 2019  🚨

We have a new order window (December 2-13) for ALL families at ALL participating schools.

We will probably run out of thermometers before the December 13 deadline.

Follow this guide ASAP to get your free Kinsa thermometer while stocks last.


How To Order Your Free Kinsa Thermometer

  1. Text FLUENCY to 555888
  2. In the text you get back, tap the link to be taken to the Kinsa app
  3. Download the Kinsa app
  4. Open the Kinsa app
  5. Follow the instructions to sign up and join your school's group

Note: If you don't join your school's group, you must follow the steps below to join manually.


How To Join Your School's Group Manually

  • Open the Kinsa app
  • Tap  ⚙️ Settings
  • Tap Join My School Group
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you're having trouble with finding your school's group, use this school search guide.

Follow the instructions until you see a "Your thermometer has been ordered!" message in your Kinsa app. (see example below) Then you're done!


Important Details You Need To Know

  • Our second order window will remain open while stocks last, so order your free Kinsa ASAP!
  • In this second order window, ALL families from ALL grades are eligible for free thermometers.
  • We will probably run out of thermometers before the deadline on December 13.
  • The only way to order a free Kinsa thermometer is to join your school's group in the Kinsa app.
  • After you've joined your school's group in the Kinsa app, your order is complete.
  • The free thermometers will be shipped to your school - not your home - in November.
  • When the free thermometers arrive, they'll be given to the students to bring home.
  • If you can't install the app, we're so sorry but you can't receive a free thermometer.





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