Why can't I find my child's school?

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Only schools which are accepted into this year's FLUency program are listed in the app.

If you can't find your school, are you certain your school was accepted? If so, you should have a flyer or message from your school's nurse about the program.

If you did hear about the FLUency program from your school's nurse, double check the exact spelling of the school. Since there are literally thousands of schools out there, our app looks for an exact match so the spelling is very important. For example, the Sand Hill school won't be found if you're searching with Sandhill

If that doesn't work, try searching the unique part of your school's name which doesn't change. For example, instead of searching St John, St. John or Saint John - try searching with just John.

And if you still can't find your school group but you're certain your school is in the program, contact the Kinsa Customer Happiness team to ask for help, making sure to provide these details in your message:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • The name of your school
  • The city AND state of your school 
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