Which Kinsa thermometer is best for me?

  • When QuickCare (the wireless stick thermometer) is the better option:
    • If you’re planning on using it on a baby under 6 months old. QuickCare can be used as a rectal thermometer, which is the most accurate method of temp-taking for infants. This goes without saying, but a thermometer used to take rectal temps should always only be used to take rectal temps. Advice from our own Nurse Blake: “If you have a small baby and a child older than 6 months, consider pre-ordering two QuickCares and labeling one for rectal use only and the other for oral use only.” For more tips, see kinsa.help/rectal
  • When Smart Ear is the better option:
    • if you have any vision problems, arthritis, or struggle with smaller buttons. The Smart Ear has a bigger, brighter screen and has a bigger and easier to push on/off button.

 If neither of the situations above applies to you, both the Smart Ear and QuickCare are great options!