Fix an "Err" message on your QuickCare

An Err message can appear on the built-in display if:

  • the probe tip is moved too much or removed too early during a reading
  • the thermometer has an internal problem

You can typically fix an Err message by resetting the thermometer:

To reset the Kinsa QuickCare wireless stick thermometer:

  1. Put the edge of a coin (not a tool) into the slot on the back cover, then twist the coin counterclockwise until the back cover pops off.
  2. Flip the thermometer over so the back cover and battery can drop away.
  3. Remove any dirt from the battery cavity which might block a good connection.
  4. Put the battery back into the battery cavity, with the battery’s reflective side facing up.
  5. Replace the back cover, with the rim’s square notch aligned with the thermometer’s own notch.
  6. Use the edge of a coin again and twist clockwise until the back cover’s padlock symbol aligns with the thermometer’s own notch.
  7. With the battery door closed, push the button to complete the reset.
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