Fix an "Err" message on your QuickCare

An Err message can appear on your Kinsa QuickCare thermometer if:

  • Something interferes with the process of taking a reading. For example, the thermometer is moved around too much.
  • Sometimes the thermometer will have an internal problem.
  • Before using, please avoid holding the thermometer from the tip as your body temperature from your hand can cause an error. 
  • Lastly, be sure to store your thermometer in a cool dry spot away from heat and moisture. If you or your Kinsa were somewhere with a different temperature (like outside on a cold day) wait until you and your Kinsa are used to the new temperature before taking a reading.

If the Err message does not go away quickly, especially after turning the thermometer off and on, we recommend trying these things:


Resetting your Kinsa QuickCare thermometer:

  1. Place the edge of a dime into the slot on the back of your thermometer, and rotate counterclockwise. The back cover will “pop” up at a certain point. Pay special attention to the symbols which align on the battery cover and right below your thermometers stem.
  2. Remove the CR2032 battery & inspect the compartment for any residue or foreign substance. Remember that your thermometer is not waterproof, so look for signs of moisture damage. Consider cleaning the contacts with a cotton swab or something similar.
  3. Place the battery back inside of your thermometer, making sure its “+” side faces up the same as before.
  4. Replace the battery compartment’s cover, ensuring the rectangular square is aligned with the thermometers stem.
  5. Use the edge of a dime again and twist clockwise until the back cover’s padlock symbol aligns with the thermometers stem.
  6. The battery compartment is now closed again. Turn on your thermometer.

If this process didn’t get rid of the "ERR" message, there's a small chance the battery inside is a dud (it's rare, but it happens) and needs to be replaced. Your QuickCare takes one CR 2032 battery, available at all pharmacies, most grocery stores, and online retailers. If you have a choice of brands, we recommend going with Energizer or Panasonic - whichever you find cheaper.

If you continue to receive this Err message even after resetting the thermometer and replacing your battery, we can help. Please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this “ERR” message troubleshooting guide and outline the steps you’ve taken so we can take care of the rest!