QuickCare: How to fix an "Err" message on your thermometer

An Err message can happen to your Kinsa QuickCare thermometer if:

  • The probe is bent, curved, or has bite damage.

If this is the case, don't worry! We can help. Take photos of the front and back of the thermometer, showing the full length from tip to toe in each photo. Then use the pink button in the bottom right of this window to tell us about the damage, and include your mailing address and these photos with your message.

  • The probe is moved around too much during a reading.

Keep the probe still and in the mouth's heat pocket, under the tongue at the back of the mouth for the best readings.

  • The thermometer is held by the metal tip while being powered on.

This can slightly heat up the metal tip and throw off the thermometer. Instead, hold the thermometer from the rounded end when powering it on to avoid this error. 

  • The thermometer hasn't been given enough time to adjust to room temperature.

Thermometers are sensitive to temperature by design. If the thermometer was just in a different temperature, like after grabbing it from a car's dashboard on a sunny day, it may need a few minutes to adjust to the new temperature before it will work properly.


If these tips didn't fix the Err error, follow the steps below to re-seat the battery inside your thermometer. Check out the video above which shows the process we described below in detail.


How to Fix an Err error by re-seating the battery

  1. Place the edge of a coin into the slot on the back of your thermometer, and turn counterclockwise until the cover pops off. 
  2. Remove the battery and clear the compartment of anything that could prevent the battery from making a good connection, like dirt or debris. Clean out any dirt with a dry cotton swab.
  3. Place the battery back inside of your thermometer, making sure the shinier, more reflective side is facing up.
  4. Replace the battery cover.
  5. Use the edge of a coin again and twist clockwise until the battery cover’s notch lines up with the thermometer's notch.
  6. The battery cover is now closed. Push the button to turn on your thermometer.

If this process didn’t get rid of the Err error, there's a small chance the battery inside is a dud (it's rare, but it happens) and needs to be replaced.

Your QuickCare takes one CR 2032 battery, available at all pharmacies, most grocery stores, and these online stores. We recommend Energizer or Panasonic brands.

But if you still get this Err error after replacing the battery with a new one, I'm sorry but it looks like we've exhausted all troubleshooting steps. If you bought your thermometer from a brick and mortar store like Target or CVS, please return the thermometer to the store for an exchange or refund. If the thermometer was purchased from Amazon, please follow the return or replacement process for Amazon purchases

If you bought your Kinsa thermometer directly from Kinsa's website we will be able to help. Please take photos of the front and back of your thermometer, showing its full length from tip to toe in each photo, like the ones below:


If you are using the Kinsa app while taking a temperature be sure to send us a picture of the error message you saw in the app, this will help us to better understand the Err message you encountered!

Then use the pink button in the bottom right of this article to tell us about this error, and include your mailing address and these two photos with your message.