QuickCare: Fix a broken connection between your QuickCare and iPhone

Reading this in the Kinsa app? To follow this guide more easily, open this website on another browser or device: kinsa.help/iPhoneToQuickCare (not case-sensitive)

If the Kinsa app on your iPhone isn’t receiving readings from your QuickCare thermometer, don’t worry! This guide will fix that for you.

Before you begin, first check:

  • Is the Kinsa app open?
    • If the Kinsa app has been forced to close, it cannot receive readings.
  • Have you restarted your iPhone yet? 
    • The old turn-it-off-and-on-again trick is still remarkably good at fixing Bluetooth glitches.
  • Was the thermometer connected with any other mobile devices?
    • Kinsa thermometers can only connect to one mobile device at a time. Before making a new connection, old connections should first be removed from the ⚙️ Settings inside the Kinsa app on other mobile devices.
  • Do you still have the older Kinsa Smart Stick app on any device? 
    • If you have the older app on any device, you’ll need to remove the QuickCare thermometer from within that app (you don't have to delete the app itself) to avoid any interference with the newer “Kinsa” app on your own device.

If you made any changes after these checks, the connection might be fixed already. To test, open the Kinsa app first, then take a new thermometer reading. If the reading appears in the app, you’re all set! 

But if the reading doesn’t appear, follow these steps:

  1. If the thermometer is on, hold down the button until it turns off.
  2. Remove and re-seat the thermometer's battery.
    • Using the edge of a coin only (do not use a tool) twist open the back cover of the thermometer, turning counterclockwise until the cover pops off.
    • With the cover removed, tip the thermometer over to remove the battery.
    • Put the battery back in the compartment, with the more reflective side with text facing up.
    • Replace the battery cover and, using the edge of a coin again, twist clockwise to close.
  3. Update your iPhone. More details
  4. Update your Kinsa app.
    • On your iPhone, open the Safari app and go to this website: getKinsa.app  This will take you straight to the Kinsa app in the App Store.
    • If you see an UPDATE button, tap it, wait for the update to complete, then go to Step 5.
    • If you see an OPEN button, go to Step 5. 
  5. Open your iPhone’s Settings app > Bluetooth > Turn on the Bluetooth switch.
  6. Tap  < Settings
  7. Scroll down to find Kinsa then tap it.
  8. Turn on this Bluetooth switch too.
  9. Open the Kinsa app (and if you haven't already, log into your Kinsa account)
  10. Tap the Settings gear ⚙️in the top right corner.
  11. Tap QuickCare  If you don’t see "QuickCare" anywhere, skip to Step 13.
  12. Tap Forget Thermometer > OK
  13. Tap ⨁ Add New Thermometer
  14. If you see requests for your location and notifications, enable both for the best results.
  15. Push the button on your thermometer to turn it on.
  16. A pop-up menu will appear in the app within 10 seconds. When it does, tap Connect

You’re done! The connection between the thermometer and the app has now been fixed. Test again by opening the Kinsa app first, then take a new thermometer reading.

But if your iPhone still isn’t receiving readings from your QuickCare thermometer, we're sorry and here to make it right. Please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this iPhone-to-QuickCare troubleshooting guide and we’ll take care of the rest!