Fix the connection between Smart Ear and Kinsa Smart Stick app for Android

If the Kinsa Smart Stick app on your Android device won't receive readings from your Smart Ear thermometer, don’t worry! This guide will fix that for you.

Before you begin, first check:

  • Have you given the Kinsa Smart Stick app access to your location?
    • Without location data, your Android device can't connect with your thermometer. Learn more. If access to location data was denied, the numbered steps below will fix that.
  • Have you tried restarting your Android device? 
    • The old turn-it-off-and-on-again trick is still remarkably good at fixing Bluetooth glitches.
  • Was the thermometer connected with any other mobile devices?
    • Kinsa thermometers can only connect with one device at a time. Before making a new connection, old connections should first be removed from other devices; both from the settings inside the Kinsa Smart Stick app, and from the list of paired Bluetooth devices in the other devices' own Settings app.
  • Do you have the newer Kinsa app on any device? 
    • If yes, you’ll need to remove the Smart Ear from within the newer Kinsa app (you don't have to delete the app itself) to avoid interference with the Kinsa Smart Stick app on your device.

If any changes were made after these checks, the problem might already be fixed. To test, open the Kinsa app first* then take a new thermometer reading. If the reading appears in the app, you’re all set! 

But if the reading doesn't appear, follow these steps:

Note: Each Android phone manufacturer uses a slightly different menu. We've tried our best to provide instructions that will work with as many phones as possible, but you may need to find instructions for your particular phone.

  1. If the thermometer is on, hold down the round button to turn it off.
  2. Open your Android device's Settings app > Connections Bluetooth > Turn on the Bluetooth switch.
  3. Below this switch, if you see a paired device starting with KS_ or AViTA > tap its ⚙️Gear button > Unpair
  4. Tap the 🔍 Magnifying glass > type Kinsa > tap Kinsa Smart Stick > scroll down and tap Permissions Location
    • For best results, tap Allow all the time. This way, the app will receive readings in the background, even if the app isn’t open.
    • You can also tap Allow while using the app if you prefer. But you'll need to open the app before new readings can be received.
  5. Restart your Android device. More details.
  6. Turn on Airplane Mode. More details.
  7. Open the Kinsa Smart Stick app > ☰ Menu button Smart Ear > Forget  > OK
  8. Force close the Kinsa Smart Stick app. More details.
  9. Reset the thermometer.
    • If the thermometer does not have a side button, remove and reinsert the batteries.
    • If the thermometer does have a side button, hold down both buttons until the Bluetooth symbol is flashing on the display. Then hold down the round button to power off.
  10. Turn off Airplane mode. More details
  11. Open the Kinsa Smart Stick app > ☰ Menu button > ⨁ Add a new thermometer > Smart Ear
  12. At the New Kinsa app available alert, tap Later
  13. When asked, push the round button on the thermometer.
  14. At the New Thermometer Found alert tap Connect Thermometer

The connection between thermometer and app has now been fixed. Test again by opening the Kinsa app first*  then taking a new thermometer reading. If the new reading appears, you're done!

But if your Android device still isn’t receiving readings from your Smart Ear thermometer, we're so sorry and we're here to make it right. Please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this "Kinsa Smart Stick for Android to Smart Ear troubleshooting guide" and we’ll take care of the rest!


* If the thermometer is within range (about 10 feet) and the Kinsa app is open before a new thermometer reading is taken, that reading will appear in the app immediately. But if the app is not open before new readings are taken, those readings will be sent to the app every 10 to 15 minutes to save the thermometer's battery life.