Fix school portal login issues

If you're an administrator for Kinsa's school health program or a school staff member assisting with the program and you're struggling to log into your school portal, you've come to the right place! Follow this guide to gain access to your school portal.


1.  Make sure you've been given access

If you're not the FLUency Program Administrator, or Champion as we call them, at your school ask the FLUency Program Administrator (usually the School Nurse or Principal) to email using this template:

Hello Kinsa Support,

I'm running the FLUency program at [insert school(s) or district name here] in [insert school(s) or district city and state here].

Please give [insert staff member's name] at [insert staff member's email] full rights to access to our school portal for [insert school(s) or district name or names here].


2.  Reset your school portal password

If you've definitely been given access to your school portal but still can't log in, use the Forgot Password? link on the login page to reset your password with a Recovery Email.  Please note Kinsa cannot reset your password, but if you are having trouble don't worry, the next step should help.


3.  Check with your school's IT department

If you still can't get into your school portal, most login issues at this point arise because your school's security settings are blocking you from accessing the school portal website.

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

      • Copy-paste the following into an email to your school's IT department:

“Hello! I require access to and to manage this year’s free smart thermometer giveaway program with Kinsa. Please add these websites to our network’s firewall exceptions and whitelists, and grant any other access and permissions as necessary. Thanks!”

      • Once your IT department has done their thing, open a Google Chrome browser. 
        • If you were trying to set up your school portal for the first time, find your welcome email and click the button to activate your account again.
        • If you've already set up a password for your account, click here to access the school portal website.
      • Bookmark the school portal URL and continue to use Google Chrome to log in in the future.