Smart Ear: How to fix an L or LO error

An L or LO error message means that the Smart Ear thermometer is reading a temperature outside of its normal range. There are a few things which can cause low readings, but the most common are earwax and improper technique, so let's rule these out first. 

Ear thermometers read temperatures very quickly, and are very sensitive, so the technique used is very important, and can influence readings. Before you take your temperature, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the tip of the ear thermometer is clean. First, remove the cap. Next, gently wipe the surface of the tip with an alcohol swab or cotton swab/cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to wait for the thermometer to dry before using again. This is SUPER important. Make sure there isn't any earwax on the sensor!
  2. Next, to ensure an accurate temperature reading for infants 6 months or older, children, and adults, it’s recommended to gently tug the ear straight up and back. As per the Mayo Clinic, digital ear thermometers aren't recommended for newborns.
  3. Finally, snugly insert the tip into the ear canal and press the button. Follow the technique in this video to get great readings.

This troubleshooting should fix everything, but if you are still seeing the error, use the Get Help button in the lower right corner of this screen to contact our Customer Happiness team.