Can the Kinsa app be used on more than one phone?

You can access your Kinsa account on more than one device! It’s as easy as downloading the Kinsa app and logging in with the same email and password as before. You may find this useful if:

  • Other family members want to log in on their phone so they can view and manage their profiles on their own time.

  • You don’t have your phone handy, but need to access your account. 

It’s important to note that Kinsa thermometers can only be connected with one phone at any given time over Bluetooth. So while the same account can be logged in on multiple phones, the thermometer can only transmit new readings through one specific device. If you don’t have that device nearby, your Kinsa thermometer will “hold onto” the reading until it's close by again, at which point a notification will prompt you to assign them to a profile.