How accurate are Kinsa thermometers?

We take accuracy seriously.

Kinsa stands behind each and every thermometer we make. There’s never a “good time” for a thermometer to not work properly. Both our Smart Ear, QuickCare, and QuickScan thermometers are FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy. 

  • The Kinsa QuickCare thermometer has an accuracy range of 0.4° Fahrenheit. 
  • The Kinsa Smart Ear has an accuracy range of 0.8° Fahrenheit.

Questions about your temperate reading?

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Problems with your Smart Ear's accuracy?

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How do digital thermometers take measurements?
Typical fever thermometers like ours measure to the tenth place of a degree. Kinsa thermometers aren't designed to measure within a hundredth of a degree, as per this guide: Can Kinsa Thermometers be Used for BBT Tracking?