Where is my free thermometer?

When you order a free Kinsa smart thermometer through your child's school, you won't be asked for your home mailing address. This is because your free thermometer won't be shipped to your home. Instead, all free thermometers are delivered to your child's school in batches.

When the next batch of thermometers arrive, the school nurse or principal will use their Kinsa School Portal tool to look up which families placed an order and should receive a free thermometer.

For each family who placed an order, the school nurse or principal will give one free thermometer to the oldest child at school. That oldest child will then bring the thermometer home with them in their school bag.

When you receive an alert saying that your thermometer has been sent home, make sure to check your kid's bag! But if you got the alert saying that your thermometer was sent home but it's not in your kid's bag, follow up with your school nurse or principal.

Sadly, Kinsa cannot ship out individual free thermometers to your home. Your free thermometer must come from your school.