Can my free thermometer be shipped to my home?

Sending free thermometers directly to the hundreds of thousands of families in the FLUency School Health Program would be incredibly expensive. To ensure we can support as many families and schools as possible, Kinsa tries to spend less on shipping so we can spend more money on giving away free thermometers to schools.

This is why Kinsa cannot send your free thermometer directly to your home. Instead, Kinsa sends bulk shipments of thermometers to schools.  Schools will then pass out thermometers to students to bring home.

However, if your first free thermometer stops working due to a fault or some other glitch, we will gladly help you troubleshoot to get it working again.  If we can't we'll send a new replacement thermometer directly to your home, at no cost to you.

To receive a free replacement thermometer, we will ask for a photo of your first thermometer and run through some troubleshooting with you.  If you throw out your broken thermometer, Kinsa will not be able to replace it for free and but we can offer a discount on a new thermometer.