What is the FLUency program?


The FLUency program is Kinsa's philanthropic effort to prevent the spread of illness and help keep healthy kids in school.  We partner with sponsors to provide schools with free thermometers, a free app, and a live health dashboard for your school.  These tools can be used to monitor your school's overall health using anonymous, aggregated data.

Kinsa takes privacy incredibly seriously, if your school doesn't have enough participants in a grade or in the school, the information is not displayed.  Our goal is to make sure that all participants remain unidentifiable while participating.

How does it work?

Participation is completely voluntary.  In short, Kinsa will send a bulk shipment of free thermometers to your school.  Program managers or Champions as we call them, distribute thermometers to interested families and staff.  Participants then connect their new Kinsa thermometer to the free Kinsa app and join your school group within the app.  As they begin to use their thermometer, participants can anonymously share temperature readings, symptoms, and more with your school- all while maintaining their privacy. 

What tools you will use?

The Kinsa app is used by families to record and share temperature readings, symptoms, and diagnoses with your school community, all while keeping their information anonymous.  

The School Portal or dashboard will provide you with an overview of your school's health, the ability to view the number of active thermometers at your school, and a message board where you can send messages to your school community.  It’s also a great resource for helpful tips and answers to many of your questions.  

Want to know more?

If you haven’t done so already, please join the FLUency Facebook group for US schools or Canadian schools! This is a great place to connect with other program administrators, ask questions, and get updates! If you haven't and you'd like to apply to the FLUency program you can find the application here: APPLY NOW

Don’t forget to download the Kinsa app for yourself!  Our smart thermometer and the connected app can be a great health monitoring and triage tool in your own household, and you can join your school in the app to share the same experience as your participating families!  If you have more questions feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness team at schools@kinsahealth.com.