What is the FLUency program?

The FLUency program is Kinsa's philanthropic effort to prevent the spread of illness and health keep healthy kids in school.  We partner with sponsors to provide schools with free thermometers, a free app, and a live health dashboard for your school.  These tools can be used to monitor your school's health and keep healthy kids in school, using only anonymous, aggregated data.

Kinsa takes privacy incredibly seriously, so you won't be able to see any individual student's contributions to your school portal. We have specifically designed the school portal to prevent this, including not showing information for a grade or school where not enough families are participating.

For more details about the FLUency program, please check out this great 2-minute video!

Families who are interested in participating can still submit an order for a free Kinsa QuickCare thermometer in the Kinsa app.  Once orders are received, we ship them directly to your school to distribute to families who have placed an order.

The Kinsa app allows families to record and share, temperature readings, symptoms, and diagnosis with your school community, all while keeping their information anonymous.  

Be sure to check out your school portal.  Your school portal will provide you with an overview of your school's health, the ability to track thermometer orders, and a Message Board where you can send messages to your school community.  It’s also a great resource.  Check out the Resource page for helpful tips and the FAQ page for answers to many of your questions.  

If you haven’t done so already, please join the FLUency Facebook group for US schools or Canadian schools! This is a great place to connect with other program administrators in the program, ask questions, and get updates! 

And lastly, don’t forget to download the Kinsa app for yourself!  Our smart thermometer and the connected app can be a great health monitoring and triage tool in your own household, and you can join your school in the app to share the same experience as your participating families!