I can't find my child's school

School names can be tricky. Sometimes the official name is actually different from the name everyone uses. When finding and joining your school's group in the Kinsa app to place your order, you may need to try a few different names.

To start looking for your kid's school: Open the Kinsa app > Log into or create your Kinsa account > ⚙️  Settings > Join my school group > Use the search bar

  1. Make sure you scroll down through the full list of search results. Your school may be further down the list behind the keyboard on your phone.
  2. Don't type in "Elementary" or "School". Some schools are officially abbreviated to "Elem" but this isn't consistent. Just search for the name part of the school instead. 
    • For example, don't type "Pioneer Elementary", just type "Pioneer"
  3. Check that you have the correct spelling of the school.
    • For example, if the school is "Sand Hill" Elementary, "Sandhill" as one word will be wrong. Check the school's website to get the right spelling.
  4. If the school name has an abbreviation, you may need to try the full name instead.
    • For example, if "FDR" doesn't work for you, try "Franklin Delano Roosevelt"
  5. If your kid goes to a Catholic school, try different spellings of Saint.
    • For example, Saint Paul, St. Paul, and St Paul
  6. If the school name isn't coming up, you can also search by city instead.
    • For example, instead of "Booker" for Booker T. Washington Elementary in Suffolk, VA, just try "Suffolk" to see all the participating schools in cities named Suffolk. 
  7. If you still can't find the school by name or city, try the street name
    • For example, instead of "Eastvale Elementary" try "Orange" because Eastvale Elementary is on Orange Street in Eastvale, California.