Can I get more than one free thermometer?

Each household, not each student, in the FLUency School Health program, can receive one free Kinsa smart thermometer.

This includes families in separate households. If mom lives in one household, and dad lives in another, both mom and dad are eligible to receive their own free thermometer, regardless of how many children they have together.

The Kinsa app is great for big and even separated families. Each adult and child can have their own profile in the Kinsa app so that everyone's temperature readings, symptoms, and diagnoses can be kept separate and organized. Both mom's and dad's phones can be logged into the same Kinsa account so all the readings and symptoms are kept in sync on both phones, whether they live together or in separate households.

The best way to clean your free Kinsa smart thermometer between uses is to wipe down with 70% rubbing alcohol (don't use stronger cleaners as they can damage the display) or cleaning the thermometer with soap and water. But don't fully dunk the thermometer in the sink - it's not waterproof!