I lost my first free thermometer. Can I get another?

All families taking part in the FLUency School Health program can receive one free smart thermometer.

If that first thermometer is lost, we're so sorry but we can't send another one for free. But we can offer you a discount on a second thermometer so that you won't have to pay full price.

Use the pink speech bubble button in the bottom right of this screen to contact Kinsa so we set you up with a discount on a second thermometer.

Alternatively, the Kinsa app can actually be used with any thermometer you may have already. Instead of receiving the readings automatically, you can enter them into the app manually by:

  1. Open the Kinsa app
  2. Go into the profile for the person whose temperature you're taking
  3. Tap the big plus button ⨁ in the bottom right corner
  6. Drag the blue dot left or right to select the right temperature, then tap SAVE.