What is the FLUency program?


What is it?

The FLUency program is Kinsa's philanthropic effort to prevent the spread of illness and keep kids healthy and in school!  We do this using anonymized and aggregated data to protect privacy.

The FLUency program is completely free to schools and participating families.  We partner with sponsors to provide schools with free Kinsa smart thermometers, our free Kinsa app, and a free school health dashboard.

This dashboard gives school nurses and staff a bird's eye view of the school's overall health.  School staff can also use the dashboard to send messages to participating families to warn them about what bugs are going around, so families can take more precautions at home.

Kinsa takes your privacy incredibly seriously.

If you join the FLUency program, school staff can't see what you've put into your Kinsa app as they do not have access to your Kinsa account.  They can only see anonymized, aggregated information of those who choose to participate in the program.  This information is spread over a grade level or across the entire school, only if enough families take part.  To see any information, a school/grade must have at least 5 connected thermometers.

For example, the school nurse won't be able to see that Bart in Mrs. Krabappel's 4th-grade class has a 101ºF fever.  If there are more than 5 students in the 4th grade taking part in the program, a school nurse will see "There's a report of fever in the 4th grade". If fewer than five 4th-grade families take part, no health information about the 4th grade is shown at all. 

This also applies to symptoms and diagnoses.  Let's say that 3rd graders Abigail, Brianna, and Charlie, all have a cough, and their families have logged their cough in their Kinsa app. If there are more than five 3rd-grade families participating in the program, the school's health dashboard will show "There are 3 reports of cough in the 3rd grade", protecting Abigail, Brianna, and Charlie's privacy.

How it works.

Kinsa QuickCare thermometers are shipped in bulk to your school. Interested families will receive a free Kinsa QuickCare smart thermometer from their school's Champion, (the individual running the FLUency program at their school). Once received, families and staff can then connect their smart thermometer to their Kinsa app by setting up a free account.  

Families can record and share temperature readings, symptoms, and diagnoses with your school community, all while keeping their information anonymous and aggregated at the grade or school level. That's it- Get it, Connect it, Use it, and now you're participating in FLUency!