QuickScan: Fix a broken connection to iPhone

If your QuickScan thermometer isn’t sending readings to the Kinsa app on your iPhone, the Bluetooth connection may be broken.  Follow these steps to reconnect your QuickScan thermometer to the Kinsa app:

  1. If your Kinsa QuickScan is turned on, hold down the button to turn it off.
  2. Force the Kinsa app to close. More details here
  3. Turn on Airplane mode. More details here
  4. Turn off Airplane mode.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth. More details here
  6. Open the Kinsa app.
  7. Tap  ⚙️ Settings >  ⨁ Add New Thermometer
  8. Push the button on your Kinsa QuickScan thermometer

A pop-up menu will appear within 10 seconds. When it does, tap Connect.  Your connection should be restored!

If not, use the “Contact Us Now” button to reach out to someone on our Customer Happiness team for more help. Be sure to please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this Android-to-QuickScan troubleshooting guide and we’ll take care of the rest!